My name is Justus.

The double album to end all double albums.

How I’ve waited for the day to get my hands on these two exceptional records. Maudlin of the Well are in a space all their own, and these two are their crowning achievement. A glorification of genre-bending, forward thinking, and indulgent music, Bath and Leaving Your Body Map are captivating in their execution, flawlessly eloquent; articulated in such a fashion that after most songs, the listener will feel delightedly haunted.

Such diversity isn’t just because of the instruments used, or a variety of sonic landscapes. The fact is, no one can come close to imitating the music Maudlin of the Well have crafted in this manner. Influenced by the astral travel of several members, specifically front man Toby Driver, the music is challenging and enveloping at the same time, going from raw intense distortion to a glistening indie sound, only to loop around something indescribable (until you listen and understand) along the way.

Delicate, perverse, beautiful, Gothic…there can be a lot of labels attached to describe the music on these records. I like to use the umbrella term, ‘incredible’, so as to get the point across that there are literally no albums close to reproducing such a genuine enjoyment of what I’m hearing. While both are outstanding in their own right, for personal preference I tend to enjoy Bath a tad more, as an album. That being said, Leaving Your Body Map has some of my favorite songs from them, such as Gleam In Ranks, Bizarre Flowers/A Violent Mist, and both parts of Riseth He, The Numberless.

Of course this music isn’t for everybody, in fact it may be inaccessible to some. Many of my friends have had trouble listening to The Ferryman, understandable to a point - then again there is a reason for Maudlin’s obscurity. But anyone who is reading this and has listened to these two, will undoubtedly appreciate the somewhat vague portrayal I’ve been giving. Not intentional, it’s just as with most music of this caliber, you truly have to experience it. Which brings about a topic for another day: The difference between people who simply hear music, and others who really take in and listen, absorb. But for this particular venture, I’m glad I can say I finally fucking own them on vinyl.

Girl, know that time leaves dust on my scars;
When the moment has pass’d, thousands will die.
I will remember when ghosts were mighty,
And I will laugh and catch my own tears.

  • 15 April 2013
  • 7