My name is Justus.

So the first picture shows my split seven inch between the two bands Touche Amore, and The Casket Lottery. It’s funny because the way the EP is split, two songs from each band, one original composition and a cover song. I like Touche’s original better, but the way The Casket Lottery does ‘Myth’, first by dreampop/shoegaze outfit Beach House, is simply beautiful, and I like it better than I did the Beach House original. On a cream wax, the packaging is also quite elaborate, unfolding into liner notes/poster/lyrics. The 12 inch album on the right, with a clear color, is Touche Amore’s debut. Getting into this record was no problem for me, I instantly got the message. Since then the rest of the band’s work is continuing to impress, I want to see them live!

The second picture is the Touche Amore/Pianos Become The Teeth split 7”, on a pale blue color. Both of these tracks are excellent, nothing is cut, and no holds barred here. But The Lack Long After, an album by Pianos Become The Teeth, is one that I can become totally invested in from the time I start to the very end. I’ve grown to love it alot, and I can relate to how Kyle Duffy’s lyrics and the theme they create, and it’s very personal and that doesn’t happen too often, nor this quickly. But I am so, so glad I found this gem. Funny thing is, I’m seeing these guys this summer!

  • 22 April 2013
  • 5