My name is Justus.

My Pelican collection, thus far. On top is a double LP of their album Australasia, on gorgeous gold vinyl. The artwork inside the gatefold is pretty as well, I like the bold outline style throughout. Second, is one of the very first albums I bought, way back when I was 15. That album is called City of Echoes, I’ve listened the shit out of it since (and yes, that is transparent, light blue wax). Around that time I was really getting into post-rock stuff, and Pelican had a perfect mix of aggressive tone with seismic build-ups to compliment their songs. I’m glad I got it so early - supposedly this release had a limited run of only 500 pressings per color! And last but not least, a rather special 10” split record between Pelican and another band called These Arms Are Snakes. With a purple splatter on top a clear base, it’s certiantly quite the beauty, especially with the etched album art. I love 10” records. :D

  • 9 May 2013
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